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Tips on acceptance to UT Houston

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Hello All,

So I'm a BSN student coming into my last school year of nursing. I've always wanted to become an NP until one clinical I had the chance to shadow a CRNA. I fell in love with their job! That's what I want to do. I'm currently looking into different grad schools and decided that UT Houston would be perfect for me. Is there anyone out there that is currently in UT's MSN-CRNA program or has attended at some point in time that would be willing to give some helpful advice?

I know all the basic requirements: minimum one year ICU experience, minimum GPA, etc., but I was hoping I could possibly receive some pointers from personal experience.

This is where I stand:

My GPA is 3.9, I'm a member of Alpha Chi National Honor Society, I am an active officer in the Texas Nursing Student's Association, recently I've been recognized as "most distinguished junior student in the school of science" at my university, I am a licensed EMT-B (but haven't practiced in two years), I've been told at clinical sites that it is clear to see that I am "ready to get my hands dirty" "eager and willing to take on challenges" "do exceptionally well with patients".

I'm not sure if any of this is to my advantage, but that's why i'm asking. Is there anything I should do or try to achieve while i'm still in school that would help my chances of being accepted to grad school? Is there any experience within the intensive care field I should pursue specifically? Is there anything from your experience that you found helpful in obtaining a graduate degree?

Thanks Everyone!


Specializes in SICU.

You're doing all the right things. Just continue to follow the advice that blankets the internet. Get a job in a SICU or CTICU at a level 1 trauma center, learn all you can, do great on the GRE, get CCRN if able, shadow a few times, nail the interview... you're in! If you have the basics, you don't need awards or society memberships to show that you're a good candidate. They already know you're good by these things.


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