Time to pat ourselves on our backs...

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  • by laurasc
    Specializes in Gen Surg, Peds, family med, geriatrics.

I don't know if this has been covered here before, but even if it has, I think it deserves to be revisited.

Every once in a while it's really nice to gloat, you know, give ourselves a pat on the back and accept a few pats as well. With that said, I want to ask you...when it comes to your work as a nurse (and NOT including evaluations) what's the nicest compliment you have received from 1) patient and/or family and 2) from staff and/or boss?

Let the gloat-fest begin!! :hatparty:

Oh, and BTW....allow me to bring your attention to the left of the screen and the snarly-faced wee one...that's the pic of a 6 month old future nurse....Me, or should I say Mini Me. Move over Elvis! :p

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