Time management with med pass on 3 to 11 shift at LTC

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I am a new grad currently doing my training period. I have nurses at my place of work pre popping medications and also falsely documenting when they gave the actually medication. They say they do this because they would be there all night if they didn't. In my heart I don't feel right doing this. 

What are some tips I can learn to help me pass meds effectively?

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Hi Courtalexa,

To start off, after getting my change of shift report and supplies for my med pass on my med cart, I usually start with the hardest med pass first. For example, G/tube meds and those special residents that need extra help in focusing their attention when it comes to taking their medications. This works for me, I hope it helps. As you continue to hone your med passing skills, you’ll get better and quicker at it. Good luck ?

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