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I am going to be majoring in Nursing and will begin in the fall. But, I am SCARED to death. I am going for RN but I was reading this thing and it says after I finish so much I can take the NCLEX-PN test--What is that?? And what will I be after that? Then I take several more courses and I guess that is when I get my RN. Ok and through my life time I have lost a lot of people in my life and you would think I could handle death but I can't touch the deceased--would I have to? What happens if I am working at the hostpital and I know the person? What happens if I work for a Dr. and they are giving certain exams how do you react towards that person later on. I am sorry I am just kind of Scared and don't want to get my myself in anything I can't handle.

Hello :)

You will probably amaze yourself over the next few years. I am in a four year BSN program, and we do not take the NCLEX-PN, but i am guessing that your program allows you to become an LPN on your way to becoming an RN. The NCLEX-PN is the test that is giving to LPNs. It is a different test than what you will take when you reach the RN level, which is the NCLEX-RN.

As for touching someone who has died, I know it can be a terrifying thing to think about, but it just takes exposure. Never be afraid to cry, and show emotions. You will be a nurse, but you are a person first.

Good luck!

I agree with Brandy, you'll be amazed at yourself the next couple of years. Before you're a nurse or doing much clinical work, it all seems kind of scarey. When situations happen, it not only is a clinical duty, but it all works out. Many times I have cried with patients, and families, and that's OK. If you never had any emotions, you wouldn't make a very good nurse. I worked in hospice, and it was my favorite nursing job, but before I started, I wondered if I could handle it. I not only handled it, I loved that job! You will experience many things in nursing school. My experience was excellent! I made a tight group of friends, and we shared our accomplishments, and struggles, and I had some excellent instructors, who's caring, patient, funny ways made everything always OK. Don't worry about the new experiences you will face, you will find rewards in this profession that are hard to find anywhere else. All will be GREAT!:D

I have been a nurse for 2 yrs. I went through a BSN program and was not able to take the PN test (which I think is LPN), so if you took that you would be an LPN until you finished school and then took your NCLEX-RN. There are many aspects of nursing that I don't like when I'm sitting at home on my day off, but when I'm at work, I just deal with it. I just do what is necessary and don't think about it. In my experience, as long as I as questions, as for help, and don't act like I know everything or am above my co-workers, my coworkers usually come through and help with whatever I need help with- be it post mortum care, dealing with a family, a patient, a doctor, or just a "simple" question as to were something is located. With that said, remember to treat others as you want to be treated, so if you have time and can help someone with something, do it, and they, in turn will give you a hand one day. Keep in mind that you will never know everything and that everyone you work with as a nurse will have been in your position at one time or another. Good luck! I'm sure you will do fine. :)

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