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so, been doing peds home care for 11 years. lpn 8 years and rn the rest. have tried various other things as well. have worked in the or also for the last 3.5 years.. was at the zoo with my 2.5 years old extremely bright patient with muscular dystrophy 2 days ago. we walked for hours and were hot. found a shady spot, got all cleaned up and started his gt feed. he kept asking to "sit on the bench". placed him on the bench next to me with support of course. then it happend: he said to me, i love you dawn!!!!! i about died and went to heaven.. this little boy has a huge hold on my heart.... it maked it all worth it..... just wanted to share and maybe brightend someone else's day!!!!!!! take care all...... :nurse::heartbeat:nurse:


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Awwwhhhhh!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! So sweet! I've recently been temporarily helping out on a case that I have not worked in over a year. The child was very glad to see me again, and has asked me several times to hug her. Something very special about a disabled child asking for a hug!


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That was so sweet and too cute! I think I would have cried a river of tears right then and there(LOL). I absolutely LOVE home care!

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