This is crucial knowledge for all aspiring nurses!

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It is imperative that you are familiar with and up-to-date on your state's nurse practice act. Know both the causes and effects of potential problems with your professional license. I know you believe this doesn't relate to you since I thought the same thing, but please be aware that it does happen more often than we'd want to admit. Be well-prepared. All the stuff they don't teach you in nursing school, like how to deal with suspicions of drug use, excessive partying outside of work, inappropriate social network profiles (like Onlyfans), failing to file taxes on time, and so on and so forth. Then, please spread the word among your coworkers to ensure that no more nurses or lives are lost. The current state of the opiate pandemic should serve as a sobering reminder that even "peer nursing assistant" programs cannot prevent the devastating effects of even a single 5mg small tablet of oxycodone. They're not what you'd expect from the name, haha! Your chances of getting hired for any job outside of Target's seasonal workforce have just plummeted because of the charges and lists you could end up on. Learn the risks you face and how to avoid them. Don't go into it with the mindset that "it won't happen to me." Learn as much as you can, stop to consider the implications, and make an informed decision. Be knowledgeable and responsible at all times. Never tell anyone, not even your closest coworker, your NRS pass codes or other sensitive information. You should always log out of pyxis. Always do a careful count twice to ensure that you are not short on drugs. You will be directed to a program that lacks compassion and empathy as soon as word gets out that you may be connected to substance use/diversion/drinking in your spare time (that, too). Find out the ins and outs of the program in your home state and with BON ( is to support the community NOT nurses). Under the pretense of helping their fellow nurses, they actively seek to prevent any previously disciplined nurse from ever practicing again. Please don't be shy about asking questions if you have any. This may sound out of the blue, but I made some mistakes, and I would hate for a decent nurse to have to go through what I have and still go through.

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Much appreciation for your consideration. As you continue down the path to become a nurse, may you be showered with good fortune and success.