Third Semester Blues

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So I am really having the blues, Im in the final yr of a BSN program. Im really overwelmed, Im tired, Im frustrated, Ive cried for the first time since I started nursing school, and I am REALLY emotional???? I just really dont understand it. Its gotten to the point I REALLY have to plan things out nowadays. Last school year it wasnt so hard to stay focused, organized and up on time management. I dunno, ive gotten a little better, but Im still really feeling it..............I guess the rumors are true senior year does suck big ones!!!:yeah::crying2::crying2::crying2:

I'm in my third semester of an ADN program and I totally understand how you feel. I think alot of the emotions come from the fact that it's almost over and yet still it's not (not sure if that makes sense). My biggest thing is I'm DYING to be done. But I keep reminding myself in less than a year it will be all over with, so that's what I use to keep truckin on. Don't give up, you've come this far, just a little more to go. :up:


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I am definetly having the 3rd semester blues. So emotional, so overwhelmed. Really need a good, good pep talk... I have to get that fire that I had last year. Ugggh. I can't wait to be done, but if I continue at this rate, I will never be done.

Hope it gets better for all of us!!


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3rd semester, I am there with you and it does seem to be less exciting and fulfilling. Especially for me b/c of our specialties studied this semester. Pedi/OB. Love kids just not a pedi nurse in the making and OB is fun but not anywhere I plan to go so this makes it seem like I will never make it out. Hopefully I will snap out of it and get it done and move on.

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