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Thinking about nursing as a career-


I'm thinking about going for my RN but reading about how difficult it is to get into nursing school is kind of discouraging. It seems like so many people are going into this now and schools are very selective. I took A&P last semester and got a B. I feel like this is almost a bad grade considering how competitive nursing school is. I'm still trying to decide what I want to do. Just looking for any advice. Have any of you considered other health related fields? Is it critical to get As in all your science prereqs?

I have considered lots of other health related careers as well as a few non-health related ones. I found that my mind would always wander back to nursing and, at 22 years old, I finally got the hint.

A B is not a bad grade and one single B will not keep you out of nursing school.. If you are worried, you can explore your options for retaking the class.

Depending on your program, there may be other areas of your application that can beef up your chances such as your entrance exam, preferences for A's in certain classes, work/volunteer experience, etc.

Thank you. I think the economy has me second guessing every decision I make. Even the small amount I've had to take out in loans makes me nervous-I've never had any sort of debt before.

I've also considered physical therapist assistant, ultrasound tech and med tech as careers. The pay seems low for the amount school needed for medical technicians though, and apparently there is a large oversupply of ultrasound techs. PTA appeals to me is some ways but I'm not sure I'd want to work in a long term care facility. No offense to anyone that does. I admire people that do work in them but I don't know if it's for me. I'll ask my counselor about job shadowing.

PTA is something I considered extensively, to the point of taking the intro level classes at my school. There is more to PTA than LTC! You can work in pediatrics, sports medicine, military/veterans, prosthetics, etc, etc. If you are interested in it, do some more research. In my area (Houston TX), PTAs are in demand right now and pay is good.

Thanks, I'll look into it further. The pay is really good and it's only an associates. It's in demand here in California too.