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Thinking about NP... need some advice!!!


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Hello everyone! I am finishing my BSN and have been looking into graduate school. I worked in ICU for about a year and decided that it wasn't my hopes and dreams and have been working in an outpatient area since (which cares for pre and post invasive procedure patients and pre and post stem cell transplant patients, administers chemotherapy and IV infusions). I am also a member of the apheresis team.

I live in Pittsburgh. The University of Pittsburgh offers Acute Care NP, Adult NP, and Family NP programs. I have a few clinical interests in mind - oncology, endocrine, and allergy/immunology.

I would like some recommendations for which path might best suite me. I am open to suggestions!

Thank you!


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Only you can find the path that is correct for you...however, here are a few thoughts.

1. Consider the FNP track as it keeps the most options open. I started as a GNP and went back to the FNP - not because I wanted to work with children...it's not my favorite area. However, I did not want any possibility of being told I was not qualified. You do not want to limit yourself if at all possible.

2. During your clinicals, make sure you get exposure in as many areas as you can. If necessary, do extra time. That is the only way you'll find your niche.

3. Be open to changing as your career progresses. In 30 years of doing this (RN & NP), I've had several "careers" by working in different areas. It's one of the gifts of our profession. You never really know where it will take you.

Most of all, enjoy the ride.


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Also, be aware that some programs require a minimum number of RN practice hours within a designated time frame prior to being considered for admission to the program. Mine is 2 years full time work (4000 + hours, I think...) within the last 5 years. Best of luck!

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