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Thinking about LVN and schools... HELP!

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I recently started thinking about becoming an LVN, but I am confused about man things even while doing my research on the side as I am getting opposing views everywhere. I am worried that in order to get a job, everyone is looking for 1-2 years of experience and I read that lots of people spend $30,000 on schools and then don't find jobs. I already have double majors from UCLA in social sciences, so I certainly do not want to spend more money one a year-long private nursing school to become an LVN and end up jobless just because no one is willing to hire a new grads. I feel like if there is such a shortage of nurses and if I have to spend more on a nursing school than on one of the best universities around (UCLA) that I would at least be able to find a job within a few months, but hearing the hell some of the newly grads have gone through in their job hunt definitely makes me wonder.

I also hear some say that becoming an RN is better than LVN because LVNs are becoming obsolete. Is this true from anyone who has felt this in his/her career as an LVN. The reason why I rather not become an RN is because I do not want to be a nurse, especially in the emergency at the hospital and would rather be working with more stable patients in their homes, at the hospice, senior homes, and other places that do not involve major traumas as I do not have the heart for those types of incidents in my life. At this point I guess my only concern is not as much as getting a loan for $30,000, but whether or not I will be able to get a job otherwise if I won't be able to find anything in this economy and without an experience then I rather not take such a loan since it's not worth it. Not sure what to do. I live in LA area, so not sure how it is like in this area. Perhaps the economy has slowed things up or perhaps LVNs are no longer that much needed since the hospitals I hear do not want them anymore. I'm stuck in a dilemma lol

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