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and I could use some advise. My background as an RN for the last 10 years had been primarily med/surg but also some hemodialysis, school nursing, home health in there. Currently I do telephonic utilization review. I've been out of direct patient care for 2 1/2 -3 years and am feeling the pull to return to the floor for various reasons, some of which are missing direct contact but also working 3 days a week gives me a chance to pick up some overtime and not feel like I'm working 24/7. I'm apprehensive to say the least. Have I lost my skills, how much has changed, do I really want to do this? I do know that I can do my current job in my sleep, my daughter insists I was nicer when I was working nights (which may be-I know I was happier most of the time). How do I stay out of all the politics and do my job and go home in the morning? How short are the hospitals, really?

I am interviewing at a hospital this week with a good reputation and I know a few nurses from there that really enjoy their jobs.

What does anyone think? Good and bad.......I need some direction.

Thanks so much for everyone's input!


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did you enjoy med/surg when you used to work it? if you did maybe it would be good for you to return. i personally do not want to do med/surg full time, it is too taxing. the times that i have worked m/s, (for agency) the floors seem to be very understaffed, and the rn's there do not seem happy. i am in e.r now and love it. my friends that are in icu, and or, love their jobs too. i think it is possible to have a bedside nursing position and love it, you may just need a specialty other than m/s.


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Thanks for the feedback and your points are very valid on a med/surg floor. I am planning on returning to a tele floor with a night ratio of 5:1. I worked too many nights on med/surg with me, a PCT & 15 pts! When staffed properly, I loved the floor care but as I get older I do know that I do not want to deal with understaffing much and I know most hospitals make sure the icu & tele floors are properly staffed long before a general med/surg floor.

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