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Hey all. I am new to posting in this forum. I am thinking about applying to excelsior, but an still unsure. I spoke with a few people at distance learning centers and ask trying to decide if it is with using then to help, or if it is a waste of money. Distance l learning had not been that great to deal with, as they are not very good at communication, at that is one of my pet peeves! Any insight anyone has on the programs is greatly appreciated!

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So far I've been able to get answers by either calling or emailing an advisor. I haven't had a problem there, but you really have to stay focused, using your time wisely. I had a lot of my gen ed's completed, so that really helped me a lot. I would advise taking your anatomy @ a community college, if you need it. I use the StudyGroup101 notes for my nursing theory tests , they save me a lot of time. I bought them on Ebay for around $80 (you get a CD with all the information organized). I also took my math requirement through ALEKS, which was the best $$ I every spent, and saved. :bow: I can't say enough about their way of teaching, I wish they had more gen ed's that I could've taken. Good Luck !! Oh, and Penn Foster, online has English courses, that will save you $$, too.

I didn't spend extra money on using a third party (like The College Network), because I didn't see the benefit for the cost.

Good Luck !!!

Specializes in transplant, gen med-surg, physical rehab.

Thank you so much! I also have all my green Ed classes, except micro and life span, finished! Are you able to save money by buying the study notes online and not buying them from the school?

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