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I am enrolled part time in grad school, going for FNP. I work full time nights and have a lot going on in my personal life right now. Most of it, wonderful things! I'm getting married in a MONTH, we just moved into our first home together (still getting used to being a homeowner!), my 18 yr old sister just brought her beautiful baby girl home from the hospital (which I have been helping out alot!). With school and everything else, I never have time to clean my house or cook or even look at the flowers I planted! It's so depressing! Today, I am going up to school to drop my summer class because of all that is happening this summer. It's just TOO much. But, now I'm pondering whether I should even go back. If I continue in school part time, it will take me 4-4.5 years to complete. My fiance and I would then try to start a family since I think being in school and working full time and having a baby wouldn't mix too well. Now that I am around my niece, I don't know that I want to be in school and wait 5 years or so to have kids! I want to have children sooner! I'm at a loss and just don't know how to go about making this decision. :uhoh3:


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Well I would advise you to follow your heart. You probably won't be happy otherwise. I left college when I was 19 (a University I worked hard all my life to get into) to get married and start a family. Though I certainly wish now that I wasn't STILL finishing my education (at age 31) I don't regret it for a minute. I had three beautiful babies and enjoyed every minute of it. In my experience, the motherly urge would NOT be denied. If you're happy without your FNP now you can probably stay that way and if you want to get it later you always can... Hey SOMEDAY I'll be a CNM!

And congrats on the upcoming wedding by the way!!

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