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Thinking of becoming a CNA?

by mirandamc96 mirandamc96 (New) New

Hi everyone!

Lately I've been going back and forth about becoming a CNA. I'm a pre-nursing student, and if everything goes as planned, I should be in the program for fall of next year (fingers crossed!). I currently work at a chiropractic office as an assistant, and although I love my job and its been a good start as far as getting my foot in the door of the medical field, I feel like staying here is limiting my opportunity for more hands on experience. The positions for a CNA I've found are the night shift in a hospital setting. I've been thinking about taking a CNA class at the end of this school year, but before then I just want to be prepared and get as much information as I possibly can! So I'm wondering, what is a typical shift like? Has anyone worked as a CNA along with going to nursing school, and what is that like? Pretty much any and all information, good and bad, would be very much appreciated!:) Thank you.

im working night shift...basically, i get here are 630, go to my assigned floor..then i print out my patient sheet, get report, and then i usually get a drink before i get started. then i get my vitals machine and do vitals, charting them in the rooms on the computer. then i make a list of people who arent npo and get my ice water cart set up, take out any leftover trays, etc. after that, i hang out and watch tv/talk to the other staff until around 830, when i do my blood sugar, and ill have been answering call lights during this time as well. at 11, i go through and do the vitals again, still answering lights as needed...around 1 am i help clean the dirty utility room, and personally like to restock the linen closets and pick up the supply rooms too. at 3, i do the blood sugars that are ordered for that time, vitals, etc. this keeps up until 530, when i pull all the dirty linen out of the rooms, and tidy up, print out another patient list, and write my own report for the person coming on at 7. i also run down stairs for snack boxes, sometimes i go to central supply for anything the nurses need, pick up blood, etc. its very interesting and the time flies by! i also sit, which is basically 12 hours of tv and keeping my person safe and tending to whatever needs they may have.