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Thinking ahead about job search...stay where I am?

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I graduate from a BSN program Jan 2011. I am doing very well in school. I have worked as a CNA for over three years and will continue to do so until I am a graduate nurse. I work in a small hospital (48 beds) on a Medical/Telemetry unit in a metropolitan area. My employer is favorable to keeping me as an RN, if I wish. Given factors like the current economy, my good academic record, and my desire to work somewhere more diverse than where I am, should I stay where I am when I become an RN and gain some basic experience or look for a larger hospital with more opportunities??? I would love to work in a teaching hospital since there are so many learning opportunities! The hospital where I currently work is quite limited in the types of patients we see and the procedures we perform or assist with.

I appreciate all input!!!

I would stay put and get a year of experience,then look for a job somewhere else. Jobs are hard to come by these days and the ones getting them at my school are the ones who already work somewhere and have their "foot in the door" so to speak. You will look better to a new employer with a years experience under your belt.:twocents:;)

Thanks! I keep thinking going back and forth. And it's really hard to say what things will be like in one year, two years, etc, also.

Do you think that a year's experience in Med-Tele/Med-Surg is a good foundation? It used to be the recommendation, but in recent years, some new grads go right into specialties. I'm thinking it's good experience. :nurse:

I am going to work on a cardiopulmonary Med/surg floor where I currently work as a CNA and I think it will give me a good base. I have a couple of friends going right into psych and OR and I think they will find it limits them later. A specialty is great as long as you are sure that is the only thing you will ever want to do as a nurse, but Med/Surg can also help if you aren't sure what specialty really fits you best.


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So I talked to some recent grads who went straight into their specialty in Peds ICU and Peds ER. They worked in those units as techs and that's how they got picked up immediately. The ICU nurse said that though she is happy to have gone straight into her specialty she does feel she lacks in her time management skills. Where as her friend went straight to a Med/Surg floor and handles WAY more patients with ease. Really, you learn a lot of time management skills on the Med/Surg floor.

Just sharing some input we were given recently :)

That's a great point!


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