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Think twice before choosing linfield.

To put it nicely the program is a hot mess. IF you want to spend all four semesters at a nursing home for your clinical then go for it!

is that all that's bad about it? nursing home clinicals? I have heard from a few people talk about how disorganized Linfield is and warn me not to attend there, but it all seems very vague. Can you be more specific? I'm a little concerned since I kinda wanna go there lol

Most of the teachers are less than stellar... Assignments not being turned back till the end of the term. They ran out of clinical sites so several groups had to go to elementary schools to teach health education. They do not want to hear student feedback and ARE VERY DISORGANIZED.

Oh dear, is this a new development or has it always been like that?

NursingPDX are you on the waitlist? Your just trying to scare people off so that you get in aren't you...

So are you already on the program nursing pdx?

This is not true. My partner goes to Linfield class of 2014 and he has had a variety of placement sites. Yes, in the first semester everyone gets a nursing home gig, but after that it changes to hospitals and mental health clinics. He has enjoyed his program very much so and so have many others I have chated with. I am excited to start in the Fall of 2014. That's a bummer to hear of your experience though. I do hear they are and have already made some changes to the program for the better.


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