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Therapy Change

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by sls73 sls73 (Member)

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We are looking at contracting new therapy services. What should I be asking the folks we are interviewing? The Admin will be there also so he will focus on the rates and contract stuff. I am new to this. Thanks in advance.

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Magaly63 works as a crc.

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Gosh....where to begin?!

What programs do they have to support you in managing falls, contractures, pain, wounds?

Are they going to be able to provide appropriate staffing? Do you live in an area where therapist are scarce?

Will they actually going to inservice your nursing staff prior to discharge to RNP?

What kind of communication system do they have with nursing, how do they communicate their findings after a fall to the nursing staff? Do they just stick a form in the chart or do they discuss it at next clinical meeting?

Do they consider nursing input or do they think that they have the last word?

Be specific on how would they transition in......allowing enough time to input all their information, do a file test run with your business office manager, set up their equipment.....

Will they have the ability to cover evenings and week ends? It's really important with the new MDS 3.0

Emphasize that even tough they maybe contracted out, they are part of the team in YOUR building.

Please, please, please ask your RNAC for input, as her (or his) relationship with rehab will be essential to positive financial returns.

When you do finally make a choice and transition to a new company, demand a daily report for the first couple of weeks or until you, NHA, RNAC, BOM and all feel comfortable that things are working out.

I'm sure there are more suggestions out there to help you out,

Best of luck to you!

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