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:nurse: To everyone out there whose feet are weary and have found "the comfort nursing shoes from heaven" please share your info! I am a 55 year old nurse, I work the night shift (and love it) on a Med/surg floor feet are killing me! I'm telling you, I must be getting old but, on my days off- I just want to be off my feet! I don't want to continue spending my days off soaking my feet. Although, my monthly pedicure is a must- if for anything- for the wonderful foot massage that goes along with it! In addition to making an appointment with a doc to see if I may have gout, or DVT or anything else circulation related (I know i also have to loose 20 lbs.), I just have not found good footwear. I used the "Penny" version of Nurse Mates for a couple of years, but I find that now my toes slide forward and it hurts my Great Big Toes. I have heard about the Sketcher's (I forgot the name) but they look ugly and rock back and forth (from the pictures I have seen). I need cushion, comfort and stability.

Whoever has found the comfort shoes from heaven please share!

P.s. My legs are killing me too!:eek:

Hi GoNightingale, I've been telling everyone about Alegria Shoes. I just love their comfortable footbed and their mild rocker outsole. Their professional line offers stain resistant upper and slip resistant outsole. I work long hours shift and my feet still feel great at the end of the day thanks to Alegria. I just can't use words to describe how good they are, you must try them on yourself. You can also go to its facebook page. where you can read great comments from other Alegria lovers. Hope you find your pair of shoes from heaven soon~

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