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The T.E.A.S V study guide

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Hello Everyone ! I've been away from college for 20 yrs now and would like some help picking a good TEAS V study guide. I've gone online and there is aplenty to choose from.

However, I'm reading the reviews and I'm seeing many complaints concerning the inaccuracies in the TEAS V study manuals. How is this possible ? Would a bookstore be any different ?

I've also been out of college for a while (other than prereqs) and recently scored 90.7% on the TEAS V. My approach was to get the study bundle offered by ATI -- their study manual as well as the 2 online tests. I took one of the practice tests in the book first to gauge where I needed to focus my studying. I then used the ATI manual as well as online sources (e.g., Khan Academy) for things that weren't as clear in the book.

After putting in some study time (primarily for math, much of which I had to relearn), I took the other practice test in the book to gauge my progress. Then I studied some more and took the two online tests. I think it is totally worth it to purchase the bundle so that you get the discount on these tests. This helps you simulate what taking the test will be like and will give you 2 more sets of questions to work with -- it really helps you see where you need to focus your time.

I did think the actual test was a little easier than the online practice tests, which I did much worse on. I went in expecting to get a lower score and was surprised to score as well as I did. I was told younger students tend to score better on the TEAS because the material is more recently learned, but we older folks can score well, too! Best of luck to you!

Thanks for your comment space monster. From what I've seen on this site many have used ATI study manuals with much success so I'll do the same. I'm not real familiar with using youtube which I've also noticed others have used, so I'll use that too. Thanks!

I am going to take the TEAS test the Mchgraw hill`S 5 practices test is good too. I took the ATI online practice tests and got 64, they are hard but tell you we to focus