The Real Deal on School and Beyond?

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So, I'm a recently accepted student and like many pre-students, have alot of concerns about what to expect during and after the program. Like most new-beez, I fear the obvious- the intense work load, the financial burden, the high stress level for a prolonged period of time, and the recent surfacing implications that most grads don't get jobs right out of the gate....Aside from those fears, my current situation is already one of chronic stress. From a a financial stand point, I'm broke. I'm beyond broke. Adding to that, I'm also grieving over the loss of my father who sufferred from advanced dementia and lung cancer. I took care of him FT for two years until his passing 6 months ago. Now usually, acting as a caregiver drives us to become great caregivers. But I have to admit, one of my number one concerns about school and beyond is not confronting the typically feared bodily excretions; It's confronting tears- of my patients, their families, and myself. I can honestly say that I don't know if I can stomach anymore crying and dying. As a nurse, we have to be able to manage our own emotions and remain composed and objective. I'm proud and grateful that I have been accepted into the program, but I honestly don't know if I'm strong enough to invite a higher level of stress into my life, from an emotional, physical, and financial stand point...Any thoughts?

First of all, congratulations on being accepted:)

I am so sorry for what you have gone through with the loss of your father. My heart really does go out to you even though I don't know you. Here's the few things that were running through my mind as I was reading your post. First of all, I think maybe the workload and having this nursing goal in front of you may help you to keep going everyday, one day at a time. The pain from losing your dad isn't going to ever go away, you will just learn to live life anyways.

About handling the emotional side of things, I'm not a nurse yet (or even close, haha) but being able to relate will be a wonderful thing to contribute to the families you work with. From all the nurse I've talked to, the emotional aspect of the field is something you really do learn to deal with over time. You may find yourself a blubbering mess the first time you're in that situation but over time, they say you kind of just learn to separate yourself on a professional level. At least that's the story as I've been told.

I think we all have the same fears about what will or will not be waiting for us at the end of this nursing school adventure. The only way to find out is to get through it! If you want it badly enough then it will be worth it:)

Good luck!

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