The power of talking out issues


Recently at work, I have become very depressed and stressed out. My unit has been short and the acuity feels out of control. I know that I go through seasonal affect issues and expect how I feel this time of year. But it does making work harder to deal with. I have actually walked on the unit and started crying when I found out we were short again. I'm ready to walk off and scream.

Well we have a new manager and she had called me in to her office for something going on in the unit. I took opportunity to actually voice my issues. I told her how I felt and how I was trying to deal with it. It very much surprised me to how receptive she was and understanding. She let me vent without judging me and actually gave me some good advice and suggestions. I felt very lucky to have had this talk with her. I know it can be rare (in my experience) to trust management and to have them listen to said concerns. It even helped more to hear she had gone through a similar issue when working in a "grey zone".

Up until then I was feeling hopeless like I had noone to talk to. I feel very lucky and grateful that there are people (and there are wonderful people that I work with too) that are willing to listen without judging or making you feel like an idiot.

I wish everyone had a manager like her and even told her that I wanted to stay on the unit just because of the changes she is trying to implement.

I just wanted to share this for those out there that are feeling stressed, depressed or all of the above. Talking to someone you can trust is so helpful and forums like this are also a great outlet.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and is able to get a few hours off of Christmas to enjoy it! hehe

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