The nursing job shortage???


Hi, I am posting because I am planning on taking the pre nursing exam in January with hopes of being accepted. I will be able to receive my ADN in nursing, I am interested in hearing first hand about the job prospects out there. I keep seeing all the post about job shortages or needed experience. I live in the upper part of WV in the panhandle. I am really interested in hearing from anyone who may have advice about job availability, etc. I dont want to go to school for something that I may not be able to get a job in. All advice would be appreciated!! Thanks!!


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Is there really anything to go to school for right now that is a hot job market? I keep pretty current with economic news, and it's bad across the board just about everywhere for everything.

That being said, nursing is better off than most professions, but that isn't saying much. The low-down of the situation right now is that there are jobs, RN's are in demand, but reluctance of businesses to spend money on hiring has put a big squeeze on the bottleneck of getting hired without experience.

It is not impossible to get work, but the days of every student having job offers before graduating are long gone and not likely to return within the next 6-10 years (in my opinion).

What all of this essentially means that upon graduating and getting your license you will be competing for jobs like everyone else has had to do in other fields--and struggle with even more now.

That being the setting for the playing field, there are certainly things you can do to enhance your chances of getting work. If nursing is truly something you want to do, your best bet now is to prove it while you are in school by volunteering, working as a tech, something that will both show your interest in the field and also allow you to begin networking. Networking is the best way to find work these days in *any* field. Getting to know people, and letting them get to know you and your work ethic will go a long way.

Knowing this reality I would also suggest you read around and really ask yourself if it's what you want to do--because it's not a field you go to for an easy hire and a paycheck. But if this is really something you feel in your heart you want, then yes you will be facing a tough job market.