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The Night Before Nurses' Week

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This is a funny poem dedicated to one of my night shift buddies filling in on the skilled unit tonight.

'Twas the night before nurses' week, And all through the hall,

Not a person was stirring,

No, no one at all.

The residents were medicated,

The pain pills all passed,

The sundowners sedated,

The round went by fast.

The midnight nebs were breezy,

Steaming through the masks

The patients breathed easy,

As Lisa finished her tasks.

Lisa had started her documentation,

When she jumped from her chair

And screamed "What in tarnation?!"

For floating in the air, look- there!

She saw a strange sight.

A lady- prim and proper-

Upholding a light,

A lantern of copper.

The frame rusted with age,

Though the light blazed bright,

Spilling from its cage,

Illuminating the night.

Lisa froze at the sight,

Of this ghostly marauder,

This lady with the light,

Wondering what brought her.

The ghost floated, flew,

Down the hall to the station,

Lisa didn't know what to do

In this situation.

Her dress starched and clean,

All modest and neat,

Her waist corseted and lean,

Her face kind and sweet.

Then, Lisa knew,

Her visitor's identity,

"It must be that shrew,

Here to give a lobotomy."

But this was no cuckoo's nest,

Despite what people say.

This nurse was the best,

From yesteryear to today.

Her name we all know,

No need for introductions.

She had to hurry on,

But first some instructions.

"I come bearing gifts,"

She said in rhyming verse,

"Always given to day shifts,

In this Week of the Nurse."

Not a word from Lisa,

As Florence presented,

A large box of pizza,

Night shift hunger prevented.

She also brought mugs,

That say "Thank you, nurses!"

Hershey's kisses and hugs,

Chanel scarves and purses.

She raided the mall,

For all their cosmetics,

For nursing has all,

Colors and aesthetics.

"It may seem too much,

But I've worked at night.

For the people I touch

Always speak of my light."

And again, she took flight,

Lisa heard her call,

As she flew out of sight

"Happy Nurses' Week to all,

And to all a good night!"

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