The many options of nursing school

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im from AZ and just finished up my bachelors in exercise science. Now i want to go to nursing school, just i am unsure what route to choose. Do i go to a community college and get my degree there or do i go get another bachelor degree, but i nursing now. Eventually my plan are to become nurse practitioner. Or since i have a bacholors in exercise science, can i just jump into a masters program in nursing, but from what i have been reading i think i have to have a bacholors in nursing first, right?

Also is it important to go to an accredited nursing school, or is that not so much important? Depending on which school i go to will i have a different starting salary or does it just depend on what the geographic area is paying.

Now i have been contemplating the idea of PA school? is it just as much money or the pay be much higher?

So right now i am weighing the cost of school, versus if accredited schools are important to attend, the time it will take me to finish schooling

i hope to hear some great advice. thanks



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accredited schools are an absolute must!! who ever said they aren't are crazy..but you could do the accelerated program for people who already have a bachelors which is only like a year & half i think...

pa would be good to look into also.. i thought about that but then stuck with nursing