The Lancet - Neonatal Survival Series

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Eight million children are either stillborn or die each year

within the first month of life. This figure never makes news.

The issue of child survival is a moral as well as a health

barometer of our times. The aim of the present Lancet series

(Neonatal Survival) is to erase the excuse of ignorance for

public and political inaction once and for all.

This series is the product of a partnership between scientists,

health workers, and journal editors. Together we can make a

difference to the lives of those who have no voice.

We believe that this is the most important public health

campaign we have taken part in for a generation. It is for this

reason that we are making this special issue available at no

cost to all 1.1 million registered users of

Simply click through this link:

to a digital edition of this entire 56 page special issue.

Please also feel free to forward this email to your colleagues.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Horton

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