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Wondering why the ANA doesn't seem to work? It's all about money and power. Here is a model for a nursing association that would be very effective.

Adopt the politics that don't involve reform. That ask nothing hard of politicians, and that do not ask them to kick the AHA out of bed.

Platform keypoints:

Staffing should be 1:3 for ICU, 1:14 Med-Surg

Allow one RN supervisor per 24 hours to sign off on the work of the LPNs that really staff the hospitals.

Allow CNA's to do all the duties of the LPN with LPN supervision.

Lock in rates nationwide at $15/hr for RN, $10/hr LPN, $6/hr CNA

Promote the battlefield humor and victim mentality that already permeates the field. As long as nurses perceive they have it so bad they will continue to comfort themselves with things like, "When God created nurses".

With this platform it will be easy to get the AHA on our side and the politicians in our pocket. Heck, the AHA may even "anonymously" donate to our efforts. We could get rich.

Now there will be backlash from actual nurses who think it's horrible but that will only serve to draw attention to us and create publicity. We could make the cover of Time and Newsday.

Our Newsletter could be "Welcome to the machine"


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