The dreaded fluids & electrolytes exam


I know this has been discussed a gazillion times in the past, I have searched and searched old posts, but I was just wondering if any current students have come up with mnemonics to help with absorbing all this information on F&E's.

I have heard of ROME (respiratory opposite, metabolic equal).....anyone other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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hey i have my fluid & electrolyte test on this Monday coming up. it's also combined w/ upper/lower respiratory, COPD and osteoporosis so i have a lot on my plate. i made up crazy mnemonics that really work for me. some were given to use by the instructors here they are:

Fluid Volume Deficit:


D iseases w/ polyuria

A DH >> Diabetes Insip

N a changes

D ehydration

T hird spacing

V omit/diarrhea

Sign, symptoms & treatment

D iuretics

I sotonic Fluids

U rine concentrated

T reat slowly

T achycardia

C old & clammy

C ompensatory HR

W eak & thready P

W eight loss

**it doesn't make a story but all the duplicate letters make it easy to remember.

Fluid volume Excess:


F leet enema

R enal Failure

A ldosterone


B rain doesn't like Na changes

A lka seltzer


i made some for hyper/hypo K+, Na

whatever works to get through the test.


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These two helped me on my test:

S&S hyperkalemia:

M - muscle weakness

U - urine, oliguria, anuria

R - respitatory distress

D - decreased cardiac contractility

E - ECG changes

R - reflexes, hyperreflexia, or areflexia (flaccid)

S&S hypocalcemia

C - convulsions

A - arrhythmias

T - tetany

S - spasms and stridor

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