The Dreaded CCRN Exam


Just took a refresher course for CCRN. I spent 24 hours with 20 people who all apparently work in much more acute hospitals than mine, They were all smiling and nodding when pancreatic psuedocysts/open debridement and continuous dialysis were discussed.

I work in a small community hospital, but I don't think I'm a total dork, either. I took the CCRN in 1994, passed with flying colors, but due to a miscommunication with the recert corp. while out of critical care, lost my status in 2003. Been back in CCU since 2004. The Course was as expected, some things I don't see I have that to bone up on; other concepts are workaday.

I plan to take the test again, hence the course; but I have to wonder:

Am I naive? Would CCRN cert mean anything if I don't SEE all the possibles on a daily basis, but can extrapolate the care needed

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No I don't think so. The majority is still hemodynamics, cardiac,and pulmonary. You know your Swan readings and different types of shock, as I'm sure you do with years of experience, and I think you'll do ok. Experience speaks for a lot. I was freaked out about the test and studied a lot. The majority of the test was on stuff i already knew without studying: Swan readings, hemodynamics, shock states, pulmonary and vent trouble shooting. There were about 20-30 questions that i absolutely did not know the answer to, but i determined that i would have passed even if i got all of them wrong, and i did much better than i thought.

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I just re-read your post. I didn't mean to say no i dont' think so,but yes it would mean something! Do it!

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