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i know that many nurses read this thread, and as a new cna, (been working for about a month now) i'd like to say thank you to the wonderful nurses who have been so kind to me and my fellow aides. where i work, we do have a handful of b!tchy nurses who would die before lifting a finger to help an aide... but- we also have many amazing rn's and lpn's who have showed so much kindness & patience, that i will never forget. they are willing to help when we need it, and also frequently tell us that we are doing a great job, and thank us for what we do. i can't even begin to explain how far something like that goes. one night, i was feeling so overwhelmed that i just broke down crying in the break room. i was so embarrassed when one of the nurses walked in. but she sat me down and told me that she remembered what being an aide was like- that things would get better with time, that i was doing just fine, and that she was there to help if ever i or the other cna's needed advice or an extra hand with a patient. nurses, know that your kind words and helpful feedback mean the world to cna's. the awesome nurses who i've been lucky enough to work with have set an example of the kind of nurse i plan to be someday. teamwork is key, and the best nurses out there are the ones who never forget that. =)

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agreed. I'm working with my favorite nurse tomorrow!

Thank you to the nurses that realize how hard I work and how "unhard" some of my other coworkers work and give me my favorite hall assignments in return. Thank you to the nurses that treat me like the student nurse that I am and take the time to teach me meds, paperwork, policies, treatments, and more instead of just telling me to go get busy changing briefs. Thank you to the nurses that take me aside and give me a "nursing" report instead of a just CNA one -- telling me when someone's meds have been changed, what lab tests are pending, changes in medical conditions, what doctor's appointments they had today and the results. Thank you to the (few) nurses that get up and help me with my lifts when I ask. Thank you to the nurses that actually listen to me when I tell them that my sixth sense is telling me that someone has pneumonia or a UTI -- even when there is little or no physical evidence to support it. Thank you to the nurses that explain to me why something needs to be done rather than simply ordering me to do it. Thank you to the nurses that answer call lights!

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Thank you to the nurse on my unit who was patient with me when I first started out. I thank you for the times you had to explain to me when someone with a g-tube has to have the HOB raised up. I thank you for answering my questions regarding residents and various conditions/situations. I also very much appreciate your moral support for me in terms on going back to school. Last but not least, I LOVE the fact that you know when to have a hands-off approach and when to step in and take control of a situation.

To the nurse who is lazy and is more interested in taking personal calls, stuffing her face and then has the audacity to nit-pick and try to make everything bad that happens the CNAs fault....God help you.....

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