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Thank you Allnurses nurses!!...Accepted at last into a Nursing program-- sheesh!


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to all of my allnurses nurses...thank you for keeping me sane over the past two years!

i awoke to my usual routine of checking my admissions status of the rutgers college of nursing to read the usual message: "there has been no decision made as of yet"....

instead it said: "accepted"


i nearly passed out. me, really??....was this my portal that i logged into, or someone elses???? then i checked my rutgers email, and had received a congratulatory email from the dean on my admission for the fall!!!!!!!!!!

--to those of you who i haven't tortured about my application status....i went to a community college for my geneds, applied to three universities for nursing and was turned down by all. enrolled as an undeclared student, and applied as a transfer for the fall. i didn't enroll originally with the intent to transfer, but rather to complete my ba in psych and apply to accelerated programs... my chances of gaining acceptance were slim, being that the competition at this school is fierce!

just so thankful to all of you for your help and guidance in my application process!!!--couldn't have done it without y'all!




Congrats futurepractitioner! So happy for you, Rutgers is supposed to be a great school for a great price. Are you joining the accelerated or traditional track (i assume traditional since accelerated started alraedy?)? Either way keep in touch and let us know how it goes. I will be applying most likely next year.


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I'm transferring into the traditional track. I was backing up with graduating next may and moving to accelerated. Cool that ur applying! Are you at Rutgers now?...and if so, which school? I was at New Brunswick SAS

No , just taking prereqs. taking nutrition at brookdale community starting next week (online) have most done. finishing sociology, need lifespan, nutrition, and the 2 other random ones, taking an equiv to human interactive processes in the fall online at brookdale also. will be applying to rutgers newark most likely as it is closer to where i live.


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sounds like a great plan. Let me know if you have any questions about Rutgers ... It's a good program from what I hear. I believe I'm on the New Brunswick campus, although I have to call the school tomorrow because it looks like I might have been admitted into Newark...i live in Montclair so Newark would be better locationally. I've done all of my premed and Psych at New B., which is why I was planning to stay thr.

quick question!

i would like to apply to rutgers nursing program for the fall 2012 semester i am currently enrolled in the college of arts and science and my first semester @ rutgers starts in a few weeks. i recently finished up with my associates degree at essex and was wondering if i need 24 credits from rutgers in order to do the school to school transfer or would my 64 credit plus those i earn at the end of the spring semester count. or do i need 24 credits all from rutgers? please help

You need 24 credits from Rutgers

Futurepractitioner, would you mind sharing with us your grades? I am applying to Rutgers ABSN for Fall 2012. I'd really appreciate hearing your stats since, as you said, its so competitive.