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Hi! I wanted to thank each of you for the advice you gave me on my last post...I have thought long and hard about this situation for over 2 months now. My decision has gone back and forth and back again. I appreciate all the suggestions you all gave's nice to have some unbiased (non-family/close friends) opinions.

Right now, I am leaning towards staying here in Hawaii. I am thinking about either going for my ASN or taking classes here and there to complete my prereq. courses, depending on my daycare situation. Either way, I figure I have nothing to lose. This way too, I can kind of get my feet wet, as I don't have any nursing experience, instead of diving in head first. I guess there is a time for everything and right now is the time for my daughter. School will always be there for me. But as Dee said, my daughter is only a baby once.

I am glad I found this webpage...all those late night surfing sessions pay off! ;) This is a really special place to come and vent. It really does help to write it all down. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! :D

I am sure I will be coming back to post questions in the future esp. when I start school.

Take care and good luck to everyone.



I'm so glad you're leaning towards staying in Hawaii w/ your husband. Look at it this way, how many people get the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place? Enjoy that duty station while it lasts!

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