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I am graduating this May. I was planning on studying for a couple months before I take the NCLEX, then plan on the bridge program to get my BSN. I was wanting to work in the ICU to gain experience for a CRNA program. I have heard that TGH has a program for graduate nurses to work in the ICU. I have also heard that you have to have lots of experience! Can someone, anyone please clear this up for me!!! Also, if you know of any other hospitals offering programs like this, it will be a big help. I am just a little too confused about this whole transition from being a student to actually working!! Thanks in advance!

Darlene K.

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I work at TGH, they do have various programs. Check their website, then follow the job links. You can also call and ask to speak with the Nurse recruiter (Marisol or Pam).

Best of luck to you!



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I work at St Joe's and they have a internship program also. This internship will put you where you want to work (icu) but it is up to you to have them want you. The nice thing about this internship is you are not stuck in an area if you decide that it is not for you. go to to fill out an application. Scroll down and find student nurse.


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Thank you both for your responses! I am doing my preceptorship right now, and I really like the Cardiac Interventional Unit that I am on. Thanks again for the info.

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