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Hey everyone, just looking for anybody who has interviewed at TWU and is still waiting for an answer. I interviewed on Feb 1, 2005. Is this the norm ? I interview at TCU next week. How is the interview ? Are their many slots left ? Thanks for the help.


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Yeah, I am still waiting as well. I interviewed on 2/5 and haven't heard either. I am a little worried but hoping there are plenty of spots left. I thought about calling down there but remember them saying it would be until March before I heard anything. So I am sitting on pins and needles. Let me know if you hear and I will do the same. I didn't leave the interview feeling real good about it but at least it's over.


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don't stress out too much just yet, i believe they accept a few of the most exceptional canidates, and those who let them know they have been accepted elsewhere and would be accepted anyway. They wait all the way until end of march or april to send out acceptance letters for the rest of the students, i got in last year and didn't receive my letter until april... good luck!


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Interviewed on Mar 1, acceptance letter dated Mar 3, recieved in mail Mar 10. However one thing that concerns me is that the Clinical sites will not be released until mid April timeframe. At that time those individuals who can not relocate for a clinical site away from Forth Worth, may and have in the past turned down thier slot, and others move in. Hate the wait and see, but hell in less than three short years from now it all will not matter.

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