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Texas tech rn to bsn

by jballi jballi (New) New

Hello everyone i am going to be starting the rn to bsn program for spring 2017. Hows the work load for each semester and whats the difficulty.

I don't have an answer to your question, but am also starting this month in the RN-BSN program. Have they sent you a schedule yet? I'm still waiting and it's stressing me out! Lol

I applied for for Summer 2017. How early/late did they advise you of acceptance? did you have to do in person interview? did you get accepted to Lubbock texas tech?will you be doing online or in person classroom?

Are you in the program now or will you start Summer 17?

How is RN TO BSN at Texas Tech? Has anyone taken any classes? Doing my research on different options so I can make a well informed decision. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks Everyone

I plan to apply to this program in the future. Any of you care to share what your gpa was when you applied?

GrumpyOldBastard, MSN, RN

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I cannot answer your specific questions, but I can say that many of my program's graduates have completed the TTUHSC RN-BSN program. Universally, they rave about it. There is plenty of work, but it is straightforward. Some love the 5 week terms... some hate them. Don't get behind!!! With only 5 weeks you MUST keep up!!!

Good Luck!