Qatar license verification is not working

  1. Hi, just wanted to seek help from you guys. i am a Filipino nurse who is also an ex Qatar nurse and currently in the US now. the problem is i cant take the retake exam because they need my license in Qatar to be verified first.

    i applied to take exam when i was still in the Philippines before going to Qatar. then when i was good to take the exam i was already at Qatar working as a nurse. I told the Texas board that i will be adjusting my exam date because i need to fix my schedule going back to Philippines since i am already here at Qatar working as a nurse by that time. then that's the Texas board requires me to have my licensed in Qatar to be verified in order for them to release my result when I am done with the exam.

    I dont have my official result on my test but i know i failed it, and called Texas board about this. now i cant retake the exam because of this issue. i tried to fix my license in Qatar but the agency seems not be cooperative. and I've been waiting for almost 2 months. i tried asking help from my previous employer (hospital) but they are also not replying to my inquiries. and since I just worked there for like 8 months (coz i need to go back in the Philippines for the NCLEX exam).

    i heard it from my friends back in Qatar that they will not give me a Good Standing certificate. fortunately I got a Certificate of Employment but it does not help me on my situation. Can someone help me about my case? is it possible that i can apply into a different state without saying i already took an exam in a different state? so that I dont have to put my license in Qatar? or can someone advise me any other options that can work with regards to my problem. i had invested to much just to be a nurse and I really wanted work as one here in the US. I have been unemployed for almost 3 months now and wanted to help my wife to pay bills. It would mean a lot if you could help me with my problem.

    Thanks in Advance!
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  3. by   millie D
    Hello blueyang267,
    This is Millie having the same problem.I also need to have my License Verified in Qatar and I am currently here in the US.Were you able to do the License Verification with QCHP?