Anyone here attending UTMB in Galveston?

  1. Sorry for the repost but I'm going there this Fall for the first time and was hoping that someone on here has went there before or is going there. I'm kind of excited and nervous at the same time for what is ahead and am hoping that I can meet someone here that goes there too!
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  3. by   vettech
    Nope, but I'm close. I'm right near Ellington Field. I'm attending San Jac South getting my prereqs right now with plans to apply for admission at SJC School of Nursing to start Fall 2003. You're attending the ADN program at Galveston College or is there a BSN program there at UTMB?

    I'm trying very hard to get into SJC but plan to cover my bases and apply to Alvin CC as well as Galveston College since I hear SJC is tricky to get into.
  4. by   Jeany
    Hi vettech! You are close! BTW, I live in Houston too! Well actually, I live in Sugar Land, but it's almost the same thing! I'm going to start the BSN program at UTMB this Fall. I don't *think* they have an ADN program there but I'm not too sure.
    Since you're taking classes at San Jac already, that might help you get into their nursing program. I know that this was the case with Houston Baptist when I tried to apply. I had a higher GPA than someone who got accepted into the nursing school but didn't get in because I didn't have enough "HBU hours". Seriously, this is the explanation I was given. The other girl had taken about 17 hours worth of classes there and I only had 6 hours and had all my prereqs done. It's a private university so all they care about is how much money you give them. Basically what I gathered is that the more money you spend at their university, the more of a chance you will have to get into their nursing program. It sucks. I was so mad. Good luck to you though and I hope you go to the school that you want to!