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17 months left until I have my BscN, and my husband will probably transfer to Texas as soon as I am done. I need to know the best way to find a job as a new grad coming from Canada. I think I'll try to take the state boards around the same time as the Canadian test, then what do I do. Is it best to go through an agency or just call up a hospital in the town we move to and ask to apply? Any help would be appreciated.


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Regarding the new nurse moving to Texas from Canada...good for you and welcome!!! I am an RN with close to 15 years experience, mostly in ICU at the bedside. Currently I am involved in Case Management, looking into critical care education. I just don't know what I want to be when I grow up! Tee Hee. Anyway, ALL hospitals are hiring here and I would strongly recommend at least one full year in M/S if you are a new grad before going into specialty areas, although there are some places offering GN to critical care internships. For your own safety and protection of your license, check into those hospitals and the effectiveness of their programs before you sign on, they will ask you to commit to a time frame for them once you have completed their courses. Nursing's a pretty exciting area to be in right now, the world is at your feet!! Good luck to you, and bring your sunglasses. :cool:


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Thanks for the great advice, I don't have any idea what area I want to get into, it seems every time I do a different rotation, I think - thats it I want to be a __(insert rotation here)__ nurse. I guess its good that I haven't disliked many areas. I didn't know they have internships, that sounds good if like you say they are solid. See you in 17 months!

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