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texas bon approval??

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hello all, starting off... i had two dwis within 3 months of each other in 2017. went to rehab immediately following the second where i completed treatment and have been sober since. i am getting off of a two year probation sentence in june that i have complied with to the dot of an i. when i graduated high school in 2011, i went to college and just stopped going. i had 6 fs with a 1.2 gpa. fast forward-- last semester i retook four of those classes and got an a in all of them. my gpa is now 2.68; high enough to meet the requirements for the adn program i am applying to this semester. i still have 2 fs to replace (one drawing class i am taking this semester and a nutrition class i will probably take in the summer). i made a cumulative score of 90% on the teas with a reading score of 97%, math 96%, science 68%?, and english/language 78%. i have done research on the declaratory order i will most likely have to have, if they even accept me into the program. i have written an extensive letter of explanation and gathered all of the necessary documentation needed for the declaratory order, im just waiting for the all clear to send it in. 


my question is this: has anyone had a similar experience or have any kind of idea of how this is going to play out? i know that if they let me in, i graduate and apply for my license will be an entirely different story. likely will have to be a part of tpapn if/when i get licensed


i appreciate any advice/comments at all!!



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