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Test bank HELPP what do I do??

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OK so ill summarize. I found out through my classmates they used a site that had questions for our book. I found out at the end of semester 2 along with a bunch of other people. Up untill 4th semester its been a good practice question source and you never saw questions on exams from the site. Now I'm in semester 4 and I realized after the 1st exam that some of the questions were on the exam. Up untill this point I've never had a teachers source of questions. I looked up and this could be considered cheating.

Soooooo before I even found out I had the source of questions, I had printed them and put them in a folder that I lost at a facility. at the time I lost it I wasnt worried because to me they were just practice. now that I know that could be considered cheating I'm freaking out. I even emailed one professor and told the professor I think I found where they get their questions from and that its easily accessible and easy to find for other students (pretty much the subtle way of saying the class knows). The professor just kind of shrugged it off. 

I'm like in panick mode because if a professor finds that folder then I dont know what will happen. I haven't used the site since I found out its some of the questions that will be on the exam. If I had to guess probrably  5-6 questions on the test are from that site. I dont know what to do. I was contemplating telling the professor that everyone uses the site and they need to restructure there questions. But then I'm worried they will just think I'm the only one using it and fail me. I need advice. I study so hard and know all my stuff. I've had nothing but good grades and I'm worried they will discredit it all and thinking it was because of this site. What would you do? 

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