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Terror Management Theory (TMT)

there's a lot of material on the internet about TMT...


basically, i think this theory applies to nursing because nurses deal with a lot of mortality salient (MS) events. hospitals are full of morbidity and mortality. i dunno if there's any research on nursing stress and burnout that utilizes TMT as a framework. TMT is pretty heavy stuff, but if understood well enough, i think it might be useful for finding effective methods for dealing with nursing stress and the effects of mortality salience.

some suggestions from TMT for decreasing MS effects and stress...

1.bolster self-esteem (self-esteem acts as a buffer against MS effects)

2.go out and enjoy nature

3.have an SO (i know there's an article about this somewhere...)

there's a lot of research on nursing stress and burnout, and i'm sure TMT is only one aspect of it, but i'd love to hear what you all think. if you know of any research articles about effectively managing nursing stress and preventing burnout, please post a link, i'd love to read it! also, if you have your own effective methods for managing stress, i'd love to hear about those too!

btw, i think my avatar is one of the best ways to relieve stress :)


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