What did I get myself into?

  1. Hello everyone. I'm so discouraged today. I'm a new grad LPN. I got hired at a LTC/rehab facility. I was told I would be the treatment nurse or occasionally pulled to the floor in the lockdown dementia unit. So, I've been training per that with one day left of orientation (10 total days.) Yesterday they tossed me on the "rehab" unit which is 33 residents, primarily rehab but some LTC mixed in. My orientating nurse was then pulled to meetings and to do admissions on another unit so I was left on my own, my first time running a cart, on a unit I have never been on other than to do treatments. Today was the same, only with an agency nurse orientating me and a resident fall in the middle of 8am med pass, and no treatment nurse scheduled. I struggled, terribly. I asked my unit manager and DON for help and they told me to find my orientating nurse, who was MIA the entire day. Yesterday and today combined I got one 10 minute break which I used to cry in the bathroom I just don't know what to do. I'm really dreading going back.
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  3. by   ajohnsonorg
    Most falls are preventable if staff are aware of fall risks and act on prevention; this is one detail about the support structure. The remainder of the support structure is poor. Kudos for reaching out to the appropriate contacts. Consider the situation when you need anything else, potentially, in the future. Perhaps copy the DON on everything you wrote with a one week notice, or something similar.
  4. by   ChryssyD
    Take a breath. You're brand new. Your facility should be giving you more than 10 days' orientation. Perhaps you could let your orienting nurse know you aren't comfortable with all the hats you're being asked to wear with minimal preparation and ask her what you should do (asking advice is always preferable to complaining--gets people on your side). Your other option is to go to your DON and explain that you think you will settle in better if you can concentrate on just one area, at least for a little while. Hopping around a bit won't be that bad in a few months, but right off the bat? Not fair to you at all. Hang in there.