Scabies at work

  1. I recently started working at a long term care/ rehab facility. Since being there there have been three patients with rashes all over their body, none of the nurses ever covered what they were, I asked some of my cna coworkers if they know what it is and they all said it was a allergy related rash (for all three patients). Two weeks ago an lvn asked me to help her apply cream all over one of these patients bodies and told me they now think it could be scabies. So 3 days ago I saw the patient (for the first time after applying the cream)and her rash has mostly cleared, so it was obviously scabies. A second patients rash has also cleared up since I last saw her 2 days ago I work with at least if not two of these patients every shift. No one has told any of the CNAs that the patients have scabies, I asked an LVN about the second patients rash clearing up and she was super secretive about it and lowered her voice significantly when she answered "oh because we put a cream on her the other day". Is the facility supposed to inform employees about the scabies? Is scabies supposed to be a contact precaution? I'm pretty upset, I even started filling out job applications because I don't believe that they're handling the situation properly. If I happen to get scabies there would be so many people that would also have to get treated, as I still live at home with my parents and siblings.
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