Union University Accelerated BSN Program Spring 2018

  1. Is any one applying for the Accelerated BSN program at the Germantown campus???
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  3. by   Kymsdaone
    Hello, I applied and was accepted!
  4. by   Tgray15
    What was the admissions process like for you?
  5. by   Kymsdaone
    I subbmitted everything through Nursing CAS as instructed, and received an email once my application was verified. After Nursing CAS verifies your application, it's sent over to nursing admissions. You'll receive an email then as well, then you wait for an admissions decision
  6. by   Tgray15
    That sounds cool! I am waiting for my transcripts from my last college to be processed. Hopefully they will have received it by Monday. Have you already taken all of the prerequisites?
  7. by   Kymsdaone
    Im finishing up statistics. I've already taken everything else. What about you?
  8. by   Tgray15
    Everything except for the second psychology, I'm graduating from the University of Memphis in 3 weeks so I'll have to call and see if maybe it can possibly be substituted for another course
  9. by   Kymsdaone
    Ohh ok! Did you take Human Growth & Development at U of M
  10. by   Tgray15
    I was accepted as well!! I'm so excited!
  11. by   Kymsdaone
    Congratulations!!!!! That's wonderful!!
  12. by   Tgray15
    Hopefully we'll get to meet at orientation this week!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait!
  13. by   Kymsdaone
    I'm excited as well! PM me your phone number.
  14. by   HFavored1
    How is school so far? Were expectations and and reality the same? I'm applying for Fall 2018.

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