Union University ABSN FAll 2013

  1. Hello All,

    I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.
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  3. by   samanthadavis
    I turned my application in Friday.
  4. by   soon2bnurseV
    Hi samanthadavis, just want to give my blessing to u and lets keep in touch
  5. by   livelovelearnRN
    hey have you all heard anything back? i was conditionally aaccepted but it states that that doesnt mean we're guaranteed entrance into the program. They want a deposit now but what happens if i dont get accepted. the deposit is non-refunable...
  6. by   livelovelearnRN
    hey @soon2bnurseV !!! i cant reply back because i havent posted 15 msgs yet (sucks) but i received yet another email today stating that i have been conditionally accepted to actually start in the fall! Thank you so much for your words of enocuragement!! the email received yesterday only basically stated that i was conditionally accepted to start pre-req coursework at union and specifically stated that acceptance was not guaranteed. The email today however stated that i am due to respond back with whether i accept the invitation to attend in the fall or not by next week! I reeaalllly hope u hear back soon! when did u submit your app? I submitted nov. 1st. I look forward to hearing the great news from you!!! Hold steadfast also!! It will happen
  7. by   soon2bnurseV
    Thanks, alg1991 I sent u a pm...yeah that does suck
  8. by   livelovelearnRN

    gpa overall is 3.3 and last 60 hours coursework, which is what i was told they look at, is around 3.6
  9. by   Amcanarn
    I applied to the Germantown campus earlier this week. Fingers crossed! How long do you have to pay the acceptance deposit? Do you have to pay it before receiving the invitation?
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  10. by   livelovelearnRN
    hi @georgiapeachgal,

    I was accepted and sent an acceptance letter first before being asked to pay the deposit. Once you receive confirmation that you have been accepted, then they will ask for the deposit for the program. now, if u still have pre-reqs left, then they can accept you solely to take your pre-reqs.
  11. by   Amcanarn
    Thanks! I still have to complete A&P2 in the spring. I'm not too worried. I just don't want them to take my $600 and not accept me into the ABSN program. This is my second degree, and I should graduate in English with a 3.6 GPA. So far, the only B I have received for the prereqs is in A&P1 lab.
  12. by   livelovelearnRN
    Well i think ur good as gold. Keep me posted and let me know if u get in!! If u do, we will be at the same campus and it atleast helps to kno someone
  13. by   Amcanarn
    Yes definitely! I'll need a study buddy!
  14. by   TWebster24
    I applied Monday! My overall GPA is a 3.1 but my last 60 hours is around a 3.5! Took A&P 1 and 2 and Micro several years ago and made C's. I am in the process of having my transcript sent now because I am retaking A&P 2 which finished next Saturday and will have an A, and my A&P 1 I finished last month with a B+. Hopefully they will take into consideration my improvement in grades since first taking the classes and expect me to do well in these! I can't send my final transcript until the 10th! Any advice or thoughts on my chances of acceptance?