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  1. hello everyone,

    i'm new to this site and trying to navigate around. i was wondering if there was anyone out there who has successfully completed the lpn program at ttc - hohenwald or has applied recently. i'm trying to get in and have no idea the basic guidelines. all i've been told is compass scores but they can give no indication of what numbers actually get you into the program. so, i would like to know what your scores were if you were accepted and if that's all it takes. also, if you've been through the program, how were the instructors and such? thanks so much for your help!
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  3. by   dabb95
    I'm going through the program right now I have 2 months left. So far it's been it's been ok. They pretty mch spoon feed you everything you need to know. They seem to go out of there way to pass all of the students. I was a terrible student in high school but so far I've made straight A's and i'm not a straight A student. Don't get me wrong I study alot but if I can do it anyone can
  4. by   nursemomma11
    I graduated near the top of the class in 04. I didn't at all feel spoon fed, but I did see a couple of things slip by. I had the greatest nursing instructors ever. They are awesome. I too was a horrible high school student and thought I would never get in to the program. You actually have several hurdles to cross over to get in because out of the 200+ applicants, 45 will make it. You have to first show up for orientation on the exact day they designate, then get all your paperwork turned in on the day they designate, then make (I believe) a 50 or greater on the Math portion and a 80 or greater on the reading portion of the compass, then *if you get an acceptance letter* ace your interview in front of a panel of nursing instructors. You will either be stationed in Columbia or Waynesboro. Don't think that because TTCH is located in Hohenwald that you will spend much time here. You will do several weeks of clinicals in the nursing home, then the rest of the year at Maury Regional Medical Center. There will also be a few odd ball places like the VA hospital, Kings Daughters, etc. Best of luck to you!
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  5. by   rarestdays
    Thank you both for replying. We are supposed to receive letters this week at some point of acceptance or denial. I was wondering if either of you would share with me what your compass scores were? It seems like that is the basis for acceptance and nobody can tell me the average for getting in. I know you have to get a certain score just to pass but I'm looking for numbers that were accepted. So, I'd greatly appreciate your I'm going nuts here!!!
  6. by   nursemomma11
    I don't remember my exact score, but I do know it was pretty low. I was praying for an acceptance letter but sure didn't think I would get one. They don't just go by Compass scores alone to pick the top 45. They will get the roster down to 45 during the interview process. Think about it, you could be a genius who aced the Compass, but have the worst personality and attitude in the world - which would not make a good nurse. They aren't just looking for brains, it's the whole package. You seem like you really want to be in the PN program. My prediction is they will sense that during your interview and you will be one of those lucky 45 contestants.
  7. by   ttclpn2012
    I Have Been In The Hohenwald Program For Two Months. On My Compass I Made a 89 on math and 96 on Reading. We Started With 15 People In Our Class . ***** ********* Just Puts Your Scores On A Spreadsheet And Take The Top Ones. They Dont Do Interviews Anymore. They Didnt Send Out Our Letter Until Three Weeks Before Class Started. Talking About Sitting On Pins And Needles. Finally Got It And Then Had Ten Days To Get My Drugtest , Background Check, Physical, And All The Shots. Finally Started School .. Seems Like The Process Took FOREVER! All I Do Is Study ,Study , And Study Some More. Test Are Extremely Hard. No One Makes A 100 EVER. Even The Brainiacts Dont Make 100s. Mrs. ******* Is A Hard Teacher .. But She Makes Sure You Know Your Stuff. You Have To Maintain An 80 Average After Each Final. We Have Already Lost One Person. I'll Be Honest .. In Class We Dont Know If We Are Gonna Make It To The Next Subject. Its Hard And We Have The Hardest Teacher For Hohenwald ..Ttc Hohenwald Columbia Have Newer Teachers So They May Be Easier And Lead Them Around .. And Tell Um The Answers To The Test ... But Dont Expect that. We You Start Nursing School .. You DONT Have A Life For A Whole Year. No Kids .. No Husband .. No Family .
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  8. by   nursemomma11
    Oh, how I love that woman! . Ask her if she remembers Tonia Barrier.

    My step-daughter just got her acceptance letter today. She will be starting at the Waynesboro class in September. Just as you said, no interview. I cannot believe they don't interview anymore. That seemed to be the more nerve-racking part of applying and being accepted. Not to mention, there's more to nursing than just being book smart. Oh well!
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  9. by   rarestdays
    Hello Again...Thanks for the responses. I got my acceptance letter today - woohoo!!!- and start in September in Hohenwald/Columbia. I'm very excited and glad I don't have to worry anymore. I do have another question for all those who may have is the financial aid done there? I am already approved for a Pell Grant but I'm wondering how much extra I'm going to need beyond the tuition and books. Did anyone get other scholarships to help? I'm lost on this part. Thanks in advance!
  10. by   nursemomma11
    If you got full financial aid, then between that and the HOPE scholarship it should be all paid. You'll have to come up with the money to travel and eat, as well as for pencils and such.
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