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  1. Has anyone transferred a nursing license from another state to TN? If so, could you give me a timeframe on how long it took to transfer your RN license to TN. What was your experience?

    Is there anyone who has any experience on how long it took you to receive a license number in TN when transferring your RN license? Online it says 4-6 weeks but is that from the initial contact with them or from the time they had everything, including the fingerprints? Has anyone received a TN nursing license transfer from another state in less than the 4-6 weeks stated?

    I have a job waiting for me in Chattanooga and they want me to begin July 6, but I'm concerned that I won't have my TN nursing license by then. I had all my paperwork in to the TN BOD by May 26 but then they requested a criminal background check and it took another week before they received my fingerprints and information. On June 8 it said on their website that my application was in process.
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  3. by   crashcart27
    I recently transferred my license. I got my paperwork in on December 3rd and I was told to expect it in 6 weeks. The problem is that it is 6 weeks from the time they get your fingerprints and it took them 2 weeks to get me the fingerprint sheet. It took them almost 2 total months. I got my license beginning of February. I found that TN people are very friendly but the board itself was very strict in their ways and not willing to accommodate, even if you had a job waiting. But I guess that's how it is... Good luck!
  4. by   pattiv
    Thanks for the information. Since posting this, however, I received my TN nursing license. It came through in 2 1/2 weeks from the time they received my fingerprints. I begin my first nursing position July 6! Thanks again!
  5. by   TwoStepDMB
    congrats on the successful transfer and the new job! would you mind directing me specifically to the section of the TN website where you found the application to transfer. i have been searching around and can only find it for pharmacy licenses. thank you
  6. by   pattiv

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