Thinking of going back to school

  1. First, I'm new to
    Years ago, I attended nursing school but did not finish, after years of dead-end jobs. I am thinking of attending Walter's State Community College in Morristown, TN.
    My questions are:

    Is the program @ WSCC a good one?
    Will I be able to find a job after I complete the program?

    Thanks and have a great day!

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  3. by   kjprice
    Hi! I'm going to be applying to WSCC for next fall. I'm taking my pre-reqs now and, while I already have a BS in Psych, I'm going to apply for the dual degree program they have with ETSU. It gives you both an AAS/RN from WS and BSN from ETSU. It'll take me 3 years to complete it once I start.

    I've heard lots of good things about their program and that it very adequately prepares you for a future job. Carson Newman is too expensive and LMU & ETSU are too far away! I'd be happy to talk with you by email if you wish!

  4. by   barbj317
    that sounds expensive
  5. by   kjprice
    Well, it's actually the same price for me to do this when compared to the fast track option at ETSU (an accelerated program for people who already have a Bachelors). The best thing is that I don't have to drive out of town for school! My pre-reqs will be about $2000 including books and the 3 years to get my RN/BSN will cost me about $12K in tuition only.

    The RN program at WSCC will cost about $8500 tuition ONLY plus there is a listing of extra fees here and a few more books to buy. So you can see that it's not that much more to go ahead and get my BSN!

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
  6. by   Pooh Bear RN
    I graduated from Walters State back in Dec.2010. I currently have a job but it was not my first choice. To be honest it was the only job offered after more than 20 applications. Basicly, the market for ADN nurses is way down. Most hospitals are wanting BSN nurses. There are still a few hospitals in the area that will hire ADN's but like me it may not be your first choice area to work. I am planning on going back in Jan. to work for my BSN to open up more opportunities.
    Overall the school is great. Great instructors learned lots and passed NCLEX on first try with 75 questions. Hope this helps and best of luck to you!