Tennessee Technology Center of Dickson

  1. I am currently applying for this school, and will be retaking my compass exam. How hard is it to get into this school? And can anyone give me feedback on this school please... I also wanted to know if almost everyone gets accepted?
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  3. by   NurseyJD
    I attended TTC @ Dickson in 2003, I had a great experience!! The instructors were very friendly and helpful and I liked the program alot!! If I can remember correctly, there was an application to their program, an entrance exam, and then personal interviews for acceptance.
  4. by   Nursing Pride
    Thank you for replying. OK great. Do you remember which entrance exam? I am a little nervous but how difficult is the program?
  5. by   NurseyJD
    I think it was called the Nurse Entrance Exam, it was very basic, not so much nursing related but more like a standard college entrance exam. I think you can get a study guide for it. As far as the program goes... whew, its alot in one year and requires alot of studying!! I didn't have any prior medical experience, like cna or anything , so it was all very brand new to me, but I passed with flying colors, as well as passed the NCLEX. They do have strict grade requirements as well as attendance requirements. I cant remember the exact details, but I think you had to maintain a B average, and there were a number of days you could miss with out being removed from the program. I really enjoyed, but like anyone else, I felt very nervous after graduating. Its hard to remember everything that you crammed in for 1 year, but knowledge comes with practice, I believe anyway The program is fast paced, and requires alot of studying, but the material was taught well and I felt it was easy to pass as long as you payed attention and studied. The instructors were so helpful and were definatley there for you if you needed help.
  6. by   Nursing Pride
    Thank you very much!! So it wasn't very difficult to get into the program, correctv
  7. by   NurseyJD
    Well I believe they only take a certain number of people in the program , but no its not hard to get in.
  8. by   Nursing Pride
    hey! I have a question, I took the compass exam which is the entrance exam for ttc Dickson... so i got an 89 in reading but a 54 in math They told em that they need a 50 in math and a 80 in reading idk if should hand these in? Or if i should retake them?
  9. by   NurseyJD
    Well that would be up to you, I am not sure about the scoring of those tests, I would say since you at least made the grades necessary, it would be your decision, if you wanted to retest. I had to take a test at the actual school, so I think it was a little different at my time of attending, there was no retest lol !!