TCAT Memphis (Fall 2017)

  1. Anyone else applying for the fall September class at TCAT Memphis?
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  3. by   Rduncan2
    Hello! I'll be applying for fall 2017. I've already submitted my application and waiting a letter. How about you? I wish the wait time wasn't so long tho.
  4. by   RN2b_MOMMYx
    Did you guys take the HESI a2? How was It? Im trying to study for it but not sure what to study on. I'm trying to apply for January semester.
  5. by   Rduncan2
    Yes, it was the Hesi A2. The only subjects tested are the math, reading, and critical thinking. They give you 2 hours and 30 mins I believe. It wasnt that bad. I have a book that helped me pass, I can't remember the name but if I do I'll reply back. The test was not hard to me. I took it twice. The first time I was 1 point from passing in math.. needed a 70 in both math and reading. I didn't study the first.. so when I bought the book and studied I did way better. It's really basic math and reading. But with time you forget things if you don't use it daily lol.
  6. by   Jess.blessed
    Nothing yet. I agree , it's crazy that Memphis only has one LPN program. Are you familiar with the Healthcare Insitiute on Winchester? They just got approved by the board for a LPN program starting next year. I saw it on their Facebook page.
  7. by   Rduncan2
    No, I did not. I only knew of TCAT.. but I did call Mrs. Looney and she stated we should hear something back by the second week of June.. how was your scores if you don't mind me ask?
  8. by   Jess.blessed
    Reading 86.
    Math 74.

    I knew how to the ratios and fractions problems. But I had trouble with the converting units problems and I guessed on all of them. I wasted a lot of time studying the wrong information. I studied all of the subjects in my HESI book like chemistry and biology. Then at the last minute I found out it was only reading and math. So idk.
  9. by   Rduncan2
    Gotcha. What about critical thinking? I heard they are tallying that in also.

    My scores was:
    Math: 82
    Reading: 74
    Critical thinking: 910/1000

    But that's not bad if that was your first time taking the test. That was my second time, but I wish I would've studied like I should've I prob would've scored higher. I wonder if they have already made their choices and just waiting to send out letters
  10. by   Rduncan2
    I got my acceptance letter. Did you?!
  11. by   lanika111
    Wow! Foreal!? I may have to check them out! I'm applying to TCAT Memphis for this fall or this spring!
  12. by   Rduncan2
    !Kepp me updated!! I start in september!
  13. by   RN2b_MOMMYx
    Do you guys know whether I can transfer my credits from Southwest for Ap1 &2 and nutrition to the school?
  14. by   Rduncan2
    No they do not accept courses.

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