Start Motlow program in the fall. Need advice please!

  1. Hi! I am starting my first year this August at Motlow and was wondering if there are any 2nd year students out there that could offer me some advice. Specifically, I was wondering if I should buy all of the books on the list we were given at orientation or if the recommended ones aren't really necessary. The one recommended book I did purchase because the woman at the bookstore advised me to was Fundamentals Success because it gave sample questions in the format the tests are given in. Any others anyone would recommend? Any bit of advice you can give would be greatly appreciated as I'm SO nervous!

    Thanks a bunch!
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  3. by   NursingStudent50
    Congrats and get ready for an intensive, crazy, bull definately well-worth it year! Definately buy all of the required books and use the Fundamentals book to study for each test.. VERY helpful. I bought ALL of the recommended books and only used that Fundamentals book and the Care Plan book- definately came in handy. Those are my recommendations, along with any study guides that come along with the textbooks. I had good intentions of using the recommended books I purchased but barely had enough time to read all of the required information!

    Hope this helps. Be sure to sleep now, and spend time with your loved ones now.. your life belongs to Motlow in the fall!!!!! But again, totally worth it. Which campus will you be at?
  4. by   busby's mom
    Thanks for the info! I have heard over and over how intense the program is and have already started having stress dreams! LOL That was one thing I was wondering about the recommended books as there are already so many to read, I wondered if they really helped or if there would be time to read them. I have the fundamentals book so I'll just stick with that. I will be on the Smyrna campus thank goodness cause that drive to Tullahoma is monstrous from Nashville area! Good luck in your 2nd year and thanks again!
  5. by   NursingStudent50
    I'm at Smyrna too ;-) You will be driving to Tullahoma at least twice a week for the first few weeks of school and then about once a week the rest of the semester for CCL's, CNL's and your Return Demos and that continues for the 2 years.. at least gas prices went down a little, huh? My suggestion: Car Pool there is 4-5 of us in a car pool and it really helps... might as well because you will become Family! Best of luck!
  6. by   busby's mom
    Thanks!:spin: It's so great meeting fellow Motlow nursing students! I met a couple that live in my area at orientation and was surprised since I live in Nashville. They told us at orientation that the friends we meet in school will become live-long friends and I'm really looking forward to that! Congrats on being 2nd year! That's a great accomplishment from what I've heard about the program. Good luck next year!
  7. by   NursingStudent50
    Yup.. the frieds I met at Motlow are my very best of friends.. I miss them so much this summer and plan on seeing them soon ;-)

    See you in the fall!!!
  8. by   timeforsummer
    I know this thread is old but I am currently waiting for my letter from Motlow. I'm so nervous! If you don't mind me asking what were your scores out of the 800 possible?